Fitness classes

No matter what your level of fitness, our classes can offer a range of benefits for everyone. Feel free to contact our freelance instructors for further details of prices and availability.


Class list:

  Class Time Instructor To book
Monday Clubercise 19:15 - 20:30 Tracey

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Tuesday Contemporary Dance 18:00 - 19:00 Nikki

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Tuesday Beginners Street Dance 18:30 - 19:30 Nikki

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Tuesday Dance Aerobics & Body Conditioning 19:00 - 20:00 Amanda

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Tuesday Experienced Street Dance 20:00 - 21:00 Nikki

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Wednesday Zumba 19:30 - 20:30 Kerry

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Thursday Yoga 19:30 - 21:00 Sadie

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Friday Circuits 17:30 - 18:30 Ian

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Saturday Ballet 09:30 - 10:30 Nikki

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Saturday Break Dance 11:00 - 12:00 Nikki Contact Nikki
Saturday Tap dance 12:15 - 13:15


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Class Descriptions

Contemporary Dance - Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. Dancers strive to connect the body through fluid dance movements.

Beginners Street Dance - An introduction to street dance, combining basic moves to form extended routines, with the chance to devise your own choreography.

Dance Aerobics - Give into your inner child with aerobic dance. You will have the chance to combine rhythmic dance routines, with a goal of improving many elements of fitness, including coordination, flexibility and stamina. 

Body Conditioning - These classes provide whole body workout that focuses equally on strengthening exercise, aerobics exercises and endurance. They often involve floor work on exercise mats, free weight and other implements.

Experienced Street Dance - A natural progression from the beginners level, developing the basics further and creating more challenging routines.

Zumba - A combination of high energy musical fusions from traditional Latin beats to create challenging, yet easy to follow routines. Zumba really is a combination of fitness and fun mixed into one.

Yoga - These classes can increase your range of motion, improve flexibility, promote relaxation and release tension, focusing on postural alignment, core stability and breathing exercises. Yoga is seen as a great way to relax the mind and body.

Circuits - Popular with both male and female participants. Focusing on cardio, core stability and strength training, this class allows you to work at your own pace. In short, you will train hard, burn calories and have fun while taking part.

Ballet - An artistic form performed to music, using precise and controlled movement. Ballet can promote physical strength and agility, improve concentration, develop an understanding of music and generate a love of movement.

Break Dance - An informal and often improvised style that allows you to escape the confines of conventional dance, includes moves such s body popping, locking and krumping. Incorporating break dance as part of your regular routine is said to burn calories, aide weight loss and build muscular strength.

Tap Dance - Creative and spontaneous, tap dancing allows you to improvise and perfect steps. This class also gives you a step-by-step guide to the essential steps, sounds, rhythms and moves of tap dance. Suitable for absolute beginners or those who haven't tapped since childhood.


Are you qualified a qualified group exercise instructor looking to start your own class? 

We have hall spaces available Monday to Friday. 

Contact: Ade Adenaya (General Manager) for further details.