Always wanted to try a Martial Art?

Your 1st Month Free

It is never too late... come and try Tae-kwondo at Cleeve Sports Centre & Arts Centre

and bring the children, we will teach you all at the same time!!


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Our Training Techniques include:

Hands and Feet Martial Arts Techniques, Kicking, Punching, Blocking, Jumping... Fighting Patterns, Semi-Contact Sparring, Full Contact Sparing and Belt Grading.

Tae-kwondo will benefit virtually anyone of any age, size or shape, ideal for families and individuals. Learning to defend yourself is just the start, Tae-kwondo will make you fitter, stronger, more confident, increase focus and promote self-discipline.

For more information about training fees and grading, contact James Rolfe - President (6th Dan Black Belt) by email at